Blockchain paradigm in the metaverse



Palabras clave:

Blockchain, metaverse, NFT, Economy, RV, Security


Blockchain technology is currently a technology that is being widely used in various sectors, one of the fields where it is being widely used is the metaverse, which is another booming technology. These two technologies are closely related and play an essential role in technological progress in various areas, such as education, medicine and teleworking. For this reason, it was decided to carry out an investigation which would explain how blockchain technology is being applied within the metaverse. To carry out this research, the Prisma method was used, which facilitated the completion of an appropriate investigation following the established criteria. Three databases were consulted: Scopus, IEEE Xplore and ACM, in which the specific search strings for each database were applied and the articles used to carry out this systematic review were obtained. In this study, it was possible to expand the general concepts of blockchain and metaverse. The structure of the blockchain was detailed and other structures proposed by several authors were presented, such as HCNCT, MIS, FileInsurer and BlockNet. The use of blockchain in the metaverse was also addressed, describing its purpose and how it is being used to improve various aspects, such as security, data storage, transactions, and economics. Likewise, the current use of Blockchain in technologies such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies was explored. Finally, we delved into how the blockchain is an essential component of the metaverse, especially when it comes to the security of virtual worlds




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Arteaga Medranda, L. F., Alcívar Cedeño, A. K., Arteaga Delgado, R. H., & Veloz Zambrano, J. L. (2023). Blockchain paradigm in the metaverse. Código Científico Revista De Investigación, 4(2), 818–857.

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