Information Security in the Metaverse: A Systematic and Prospective Review



Palabras clave:

Risks, privacy, data protection, cybersecurity, threats


The Metaverse, a constantly evolving three-dimensional virtual space, has captured the attention of users eager for immersive experiences. However, this exciting digital world has also raised significant concerns regarding information security. This study delves into the extensive academic literature to conduct a comprehensive analysis of security tools in the Metaverse and explore future applications in this emerging context. Three key trends emerge from this in-depth analysis. Firstly, authentication and authorization stand out as cornerstones in protecting users and their data in the Metaverse. The increasing adoption of multifactor authentication underscores the importance of safeguarding access to this virtual environment. Additionally, end-to-end encryption is presented as a vital shield against potential data breaches. The second trend focuses on data protection and privacy. The concern for preserving the integrity of personal information drives the development and implementation of data anonymization technologies, marking a significant advancement in ensuring user privacy. The third trend relates to threat detection and response. In response to the growing sophistication of risks in the Metaverse, there is an observed increase in the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. These advanced tools play a crucial role in identifying and proactively mitigating security risks. In summary, this analysis reveals a dynamic landscape of security in the Metaverse, characterized by the constant evolution of tools and strategies to safeguard information. As this virtual environment continues to expand, information security emerges as a fundamental component to ensure immersive and secure digital experiences.




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Mendoza Catagua, G. M., Veloz Zambrano, J. L., Alcívar Cedeño, A. K., & Moreira Zambrano, C. A. (2023). Information Security in the Metaverse: A Systematic and Prospective Review. Código Científico Revista De Investigación, 4(2), 781–817.